Get Plugged In

At SFF, we do not want anyone to be just another body in a pew (or office chair in our case).  We also do not want to be another religious group that keeps to themselves and never has a positive impact in our community.  We want everyone associated with SFF to be Plugged-In and have an active role in advancing the Kingdom of YHWH.

Whether it is a need at SFF or in the community, there is a role that you can fill.

At SFF we need people to get plugged-in to the following areas…

  • Children’s Ministry (All ages.)
  • Praise and Worship (If you can sing or play an instrument let us know.)
  • Audio/Video (If you are more of a behind the scenes type of person then this is for you.)
  • Cleanup (Volunteer to help keep our building clean and presentable.)

In the community, there is also a need to get plugged-in…

  • Be a light in your community!  Yes, we may act and look different because we wear tzitzit and worship on Saturday instead of Sunday, but don’t hide your light under a bushel.  Live out your faith in your everyday lives.  Go out of your way to show love to your fellow brothers and sisters.  
  • Do you have an idea for community outreach?  If so, let us know, and we will help you make it a reality.

Together, we can make a difference in our communities.  Individually our lights might be hard to see, but together our combined light will not go unseen.  We can be that light in the darkness for our communities by all working together towards a common goal.  Will you join us in making a positive contribution to our community?